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 My story begins with giving all praises to my heavenly father, because without him, where would I be.

 God blesses me daily on this journey as an independent consultant through Paparazzi.  After injuries and multiple surgeries, I wasn't sure what type of job I would be capable of doing, so I prayed that God would direct my paths to be able to support myself and have a great quality of life. I'm a doer I and enjoy staying busy and helping others as well. Well I believe the Lord guided and blessed me to become consultant #211400 with Paparazzi in the summer of 2018 and the Owner of A Splash for Style in 2020 two years later. With God as my Guide he ordered my footsteps and led my way to this fun, crazy, beautiful, amazing journey that I'm on. I depend on God, the  Son and the Holy spirit to guide, direct, lead and comfort me through this thing we call life at all times and I will praise him for all he did, does and continue to do for me. I continue to depend on him for everything in my life.


My goal with Paparazzi is to help and guide others through with Gods help on a Journey of financial freedom and Generational wealth. " I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 kjv

If you would like to become an independent consultant, to work part-time and make some extra money or if you would like to try you hand at running you own business and be your own Boss and my Business Partner. 

 Click on ""Join my team and use my Consultant #211400 as your Sponsor or email and I can guide you through the process. I Believe In You!


Pick a Purchase a Starter Kit

 1. Choose our Preview Pack ($99), Small Home Party Kit ($299) or Large Home Party Kit ($499)

Start the Party

 2. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to come and choose your new arrivals during your Launch Party.


                               It's that Easy!


  $99 Preview Pack 

35 Pieces of Jewelry + other accessories to get you started

Retail Value = $175

  $299 -Small Home Party Kit 

120 Pieces of Jewelry + other accessories to get you started

Retail Value = $600

  $499 -Large Home Party Kit 

200 Pieces of Jewelry + other accessories to get you started

Retail Value = $1000


Become a Consultant Today! 

Use my consultant #211400 at and purchase your kit.

My Story

My name is Phyllis and my journey in the world of Paparazzi began August 2018 after a few life changes. The devastating life changes gave me the strength to move forward in life but this chapter of my life began with God's direction. His directions led me on a path to Paparazzi where I started my own business with these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Just like I became my own boss through God's grace, so can you. No matter where you are in life it's never a wrong time to start a new life chapter. Look at the Year 2020 and see how unscripted life has been. Start Now and boost your income or be your own B.O.S.S.

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